Are You A Witch? (Grace & Leadership)

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft” (1 Sam. 15:23) is often used by people in leadership to scare, threaten and exercise control over the people in their churches when they do crazy things like…have an opinion. Interestingly, though, “for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft” was not spoken to the underling pew sitters, but rather it was spoken to the man who was in what was basically the highest position of authority and leadership possible at that time in the nation of Israel. For some reason, you never hear that part of the story.

Peace On Earth

Luke 2:13-14 – And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.
Seasons greetings and Merry Christmas everyone!!! As it has always been, the Holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year! I just love the whole atmosphere…the music, the lights, the Christmas trees, warm drinks, cozy fires, kids filled with excitement for their soon-coming presents, and…well, you get the picture. But, as I get older, Christmas gets associated with other things as well, namely memories. I have absolutely wonderful Christmas memories of my Christmas pasts. But, in the same token, getting older means that we lose loved ones over the years. Nobody likes it, it’s just an unfortunate part of life. Death was never part of God’s design. Death doesn’t exist within the realm of God’s being. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that death is an enemy of God, one that will one day claim it’s very last victim and finally be defeated itself by God. Death will not have the last word, but Life will…God will. 
But, although death is an unfortunate part of the human experience and even though we all lose loved ones over time, as Believers we can have peace throughout our lives that surpasses the turmoils of life. The scripture as the top of this post tells us that God is at peace with mankind. The word “peace” in this verse in the original Greek means, “choice, kindly intent, delight, pleasure, satisfaction, for delight in any absent things easily produces longing for it”. You can’t beat that! That describes how much God longed for us and exactly how He feels about us! I can’t tell you how much this verse has impacted my life. For a long time, the idea that God was at peace with mankind, or me, was a totally foreign concept. But now, it’s a truth that I continually feast on, live by and shape my life around. Again, the whole concept was totally foreign to me at one time. To think that God was at peace with me or the rest of the world seemed absurd. And even if somehow He could have been at peace with everyone else, He certainly couldn’t have been at peace with me because, well, I was me and me was just flat out bad, no good and utterly hopeless of ever being anything else! But, through the process of time and much, much repentance (changing of mind) that came through continually hearing the Good News that God’s goodness was bigger and better than my badness, I eventually settled on the fact that strictly because of Jesus and for absolutely no other reason at all, God really, truly was at peace with me. And I just can’t tell you how that reality has permeated into my whole life. It’s affected my prayer life, my work life, my marriage, my…everything. So ladies and gentlemen, wherever you find yourself in life during this holiday season, I beseech you to accept the powerful reality that God is at absolute peace with you. I understand how difficult it can be to accept that truth, but I encourage you to accept it by faith. You’re feelings, thoughts, friends and family, church and even your own experience may all try to tell you otherwise, but the Word of God is the final authority of Truth and it declares on no uncertain terms that God is at peace with you! You probably have a million and one reasons to be down, sad and depressed, but you can make the choice to put your focus and attention on the greater truth that God loves you, is for you, is happy with you, in love with you and that He is absolutely at peace with you! 
With Much Love, 
Jordan Orick
Merry Christmas! 

Already Anointed

There are many, many benefits to being a New Covenant Christian (understatement of a lifetime right?). Jesus has provided absolutely everything that we would ever need through His death, burial and resurrection. When Jesus said “It is finished”, He meant it! He has provided forgiveness of sins, righteousness and holiness, healing for our soul and body, supernatural provision and prosperity, tangible peace and joy, authority over satan and all the cohorts of hell and much more! And amongst the ‘much more’, the Lord Jesus has provided for every single one of His children what the Bible calls the ‘anointing’. The anointing simply put, is the tangible, indwelling, empowering presence and power of the Holy Spirit that is on the inside of every Believer. Even Jesus Himself was anointed by the Holy Spirit while on this earth. Many people incorrectly believe that Jesus healed people and did miracles because out of His deity, but He did not. To do so would have negated our right to operate in the same power that He did. But, since He did the miracles that He did as a man, we too have the right to operate in the same anointing and power that Jesus Himself did. The Bible says the following concerning Jesus’ anointing: Acts 10: 38 – “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with Him”. Again, as this verse says, Jesus was anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit in order to do the miraculous things that He did. 
      Now, the Bible teaches repeatedly that the same power that was in Jesus is also in us as Believers. Jesus said in John 14 that we as His disciples could do the same miraculous works that He did, and even greater ones! 1 John 2:27 says this: “But the anointing which ye have received of Him abideth in you…”. I just can’t tell you how much this verse has done for me! Many well meaning, sincere Christians waste a lot of time trying to get anointed, not realizing that Jesus has already anointed them! I remember when I learned this for myself, and how it was one of the most powerful revelations that I have ever received! Legalism is rooted in forevermore trying do enough to get stuff from God, but authentic faith is based in the truth that Jesus has already provided all that we need! There is no power in a Christian trying to get anointed so they can walk in God’s supernatural power, but there is remarkable power in believing that you have already been anointed with all the of supernatural power that you will ever need! As Believers, we have the blood-bought right to minister healing, deliverance and power to hurting people who need help. Jesus has given us His power so that we can manifest His Kingdom in the earth and set captives free! Many, many people around us in this world are hurting in so many ways and we very well may be the only answer that some of them ever come across. We need not be timid about the tangible power that has been placed within us by God Almighty Himself. I know that this is a very basic, simple, introductory look at the anointing, but I hope that it opens your eyes and/or inspires you to simply be available to the Holy Spirit so He can flow through you and help the hurting people around you. The devil has been defeated, but many people simply don’t know that and don’t know that they can live a victorious life. It’s up to us to bring God’s love and power to people who need it! Be open…be available…be willing…be His hands in the earth! 

No Grace…No Gospel (Spurgeon Quote)

One of the most important things that I’ve ever learned and experienced is that Grace is not merely a part of the Gospel. It’s not one of many doctrines, it’s not just a foundational truth to build upon and it’s not even a very, very important doctrine. Rather, Grace is the Gospel. It’s amazing to me how things just seem to fall into place the more that I realize that without Grace, their is no Gospel at all. As the Apostle Paul mentioned in Gal. 2:21, I have found that if anything frustrates me in my walk with God, it’s when I fall victim to trying to ‘balance’ grace somehow. I say it all the time: The easiest thing in the world to do is to backslide into legalism. The flesh is just bent towards legalism and performance. But, as Paul said in 2 Cor. 10, we can pull every thought captive to the obedience OF Christ and trust that His obedience is bigger than our obedience or disobedience will ever be! Pulling legalistic thoughts and tendencies down to the obedience of Christ is an effective way to “put the flesh under” and “forwardslide” out of legalism and back into the operation of Grace! Now as I already said, Grace IS the Gospel. When I say that, I’m not implying that Grace is bigger than Jesus. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is Savior, Jesus is God, Jesus shed His blood for us, Jesus is the Lamb of God, Jesus is the First and the Last, but what I’m saying is that what our Savior Jesus provided for us through His shed blood, death, burial, resurrection and ascension is Grace. The entire Covenant that His blood and finished work provided for us is one of Grace. It’s absolutely amazing how many reservations try to prevent us from cutting away all of the “safety” nets that we hold onto while trying to let grace be a necessary doctrine, a great doctrine, an important truth, but without letting it completely be the Gospel that it is. So, if you are having any reservations, fears or apprehensions about completely entrusting yourself to God’s grace, then I encourage you ask the Lord to help you to let go of the fears and reservations and continue to feed on the Truth through the many wonderful pure Grace based products that are available. And you can start by drinking in the powerful truth below by Charles Spurgeon.  

The substance and essence of the true gospel is the doctrine of God’s grace—that, in fact, if you take away the grace of God from the gospel you have extracted from it its very life-blood, and there is nothing left worth preaching, worth believing, or worth contending for. Grace is the soul of the gospel: without it the gospel is dead. Grace is the music of the gospel: without it the gospel is silent as to all comfort.
-Charles Spurgeon-


I wanted to remind you of something very important and very powerful: you sins are forgiven. I have found in my own life that anytime that I start getting frustrated, condemned or unhappy on a consistent basis, that I have moved away from a ‘forgiveness consciousness.’ For me, it never fails to be true. If I move away from being conscious and mindful of my complete forgiveness, it affects me very much so. Every Believer should have a general sense of joy and peace about them on a very consistent basis. Joy and peace should not be rarities for the Blood-bought Believer. Joy and peace are actually close companions with Complete Forgiveness. I would say that they are connected at the hip!
I have found in my own experience as well as the experience of others, that backsliding from grace into legalism is about the easiest thing in the world to do. Legalism and acceptance-by-performance is just a part of the human condition. We are hard wired, as well as taught by the world, to be this way. But thank God this is not the way of the Kindgom! In God’s family, you’re accepted before you’re ever born! I cannot stress to you just how important is to be mindful and conscious of your state of Complete Forgiveness. Make it a point to be aware of the fact that God forgave ALL of your sins at the Cross: past, present and future. It is just amazing how this will affect your entire being! It’s hard to stay sad, depressed, confused, condemned and defeated when you are convinced of and aware of the fact that God does not and will not impute ANY sin against you! Jesus paid way too high of a price for us to be struggling with sin-consciousness and condemnation! His Blood was enough…it was more than enough! Forgiveness of sins through the shed blood of Jesus is the cornerstone of the Gospel. Camp out in it, swim in it, drink it in, breathe it in…whatever you gotta do, make Complete Forgiveness your best friend! 
Ephesians 1:7 – In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace. 
Have a great day!